Should You Wear A Mask To Prevent Catching The Coronavirus?


There has been quite a debate on whether or not if you should wear a mask while out in public. The debate mainly centers around how effective masks are in preventing people from catching the coronavirus. However, in recent months, it seems that the focus has shifted towards preventing the spread of the virus by infected people who have no symptoms. Testing is limited and scarce in some regions, and it’s impossible to know who has the virus.

The thought process behind wearing a mask

The masks people wear are made up of a variety of materials that all serve the same purpose of protecting the mouth and nose from any droplets of infected bodily fluids from entering into the respiratory system. The logic is that the mask protects you from inhaling the virus when people around you expel it. The effectiveness of masks has been put into question since the pandemic began. Some health care professionals say that the masks protect people, while others say they’re a waste of money. The jury is still out when it comes to how effective masks are in preventing people from catching the coronavirus.

What’s the argument against wearing masks?

There seems to be a growing segment of the population who seems not to want to wear masks. They are vocal in their disdain for masks, and they refuse to wear them. Some people go as far as not to enter establishments if they require patrons to wear a mask. People have even gone to an extreme and become violent with those who try to force them to wear a mask. For whatever reason, a segment of the population refuses to wear masks and will do almost anything to get out of wearing them.

Mask shortages have caused people to get creative

A shortage of masks has resulted in people making their own masks. Companies have stepped up and begun selling masks to the masses to fill the void. It’s not unheard of for people now to wear masks with custom prints on them that are as unique as they are. The medical field has been hit practically hard by the mas shortages. Some doctors and nurses have been forced to wear their masks and other protective equipment long past their expiration date. Both medical professionals and the general public are having a difficult time getting their hands on the masks necessary for life during this pandemic.

Should you wear a mask?

The short answer is that everyone should continue to wear a mask. Those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and anyone who regularly comes into contact with people should wear a mask. If you don’t wear a mask, understand that it’s your decision and you’ll have to live with the consequences. Wearing a mask is an easy way to prevent coming down with the coronavirus, hopefully. If such a simple thing can prevent catching a disease, it’s a no brainer to wear a mask. Now isn’t the time to be vain, and your life could depend on an act so simple that it takes all of a few seconds to do it.