Such A Diva! Kylie Jenner Shines In A Seductive Jumpsuit With An Unusual Neckline


Kylie Jenner never ceases to drive her fans crazy, because she knows how to emphasize all the advantages of a woman’s body. The sexy mini, tight-fitting suit, endless collection of swimwear — the young millionaire’s wardrobe compel everyone’s attention. As usual, Kylie shocks the audience with an abundance of bare body parts, inviting poses and a languid look.

Recently she posted on her Instagram several pictures from the Kylie Cosmetics office and Stories, in which she stands in front of a massive pink neon light, announcing that the brand has appeared in Russia and inviting Russians to buy her brandy stuff.

Kylie Jenner always chooses provocative outfits for promotional posts to draw attention to the cosmetics that she produces. As a result, her skincare line continues to be at the top of the list.

This time, Kylie even changed her image for the next announcement specifically. In the pictures Kylie poses sexually on the sofa in a translucent jumpsuit with five cutouts in the blue neckline of the Poster Girl brand, showing off her lush breasts. The star complemented the sexy image with a hairstyle with the effect of wet hair and makeup galore.

Sparkling sandals, a leather coat and a high hairdo complemented the zest of the provocative bow. Also, expressive makeup has become an integral part of her image. Jokingly, the model said that she even goes to work in such an outfit.

This is not the first time the young mom has appeared in the clothes of this brand. Previously, we saw her in a spectacular gray dress. Also, the singer Dua Lipa once showed off things from the Poster Girl brand on the Web.

The thin tissue of the blue jumpsuit hid little and did not leave any part of the body covered at all, and the fans of the millionaire were in an unbridled delight with Jenner’s hot pictures and flooded Kylie with compliments: “The main character of any show; ethnicity unlocked — Latina; Kylie, you are the chief character 😍; well, this is too bold, this is for the house; you look amazing baby; I love you 😭💕; every man’s fantasy; goddess! ”.

But Kylie doesn’t always get only positive comments. TikTok’s user tina.sinatra claims Kylie Jenner blacklisted him. The guy ran into a ban after leaving a comment under her photo. Kylie’s friend asked her about her beauty secret and tank.sinatra told her it was all about surgery: “In five minutes my comment got 30 thousand likes. After another five minutes, I refreshed the page and found that I was blocked.” Users supported tank.sinatra. Many believe that the star unfairly blocked the guy because he told the truth.

Kylie has often been criticized for her unnatural appearance. Her fans have noticed already that her candid photos differ from her pics on Instagram. Also, at the end of last year, Jenner took part in the YouTube show of makeup artist James Charles, where she had to appear without makeup. Users noted that Jenner’s face was swollen and almost immobilized because of fillers.