Tessa Thompson Shines Bright At The ‘Westworld’ Premiere


Tessa Thompson is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood. Other than being a fine actress, she is a singer as well. She started her career with the Women’s Shakespeare Company and now is a big name.

Tessa has worked with some of the finest actors in many blockbusters. Thor, Men in Black, and Creed, are just a few movie franchises she has worked in. One of her most popular characters of her was the Valkyrie in Thor.

But recently, Thompson was in the news due to her appearance at the Westworld premiere. Her gold, shiny, bright dress was so eye-catching that no one couldn’t believe it.

Tessa got a chance to walk on this season’s biggest red carpet. And taking advantage of this, Tessa dressed in such an elegant dress, and all eyes were set on her.

Her gold, the naked dress was under the spotlight the entire night. Naked dresses are one of the major fashion styles recently. Many popular stars have been seen rocking a naked dresses for major events.

Last month, Halftime, a documentary on Jennifer Lopez, was released, and she was also seen in a naked dress for the premiere event. Naked dresses are stealing the show nowadays.

And everyone knows that if Tessa is going to show up at an event, the dress will be worth watching. So everyone on the red carpet waited for Tessa to enter so they could click uncountable pictures of her.

The Westworld premiere isn’t the only one where Thompson stood out due to her outfits. She never shies away from trying different, unique texture patterns and styles.

For the Westworld, the dress was not the only thing that looked lovely on her. The dress was designed with an open back and had black ties to close it. In addition, she wore a black choker and jewelry by Reza.

The smokey eye makeup and hair styled in a finger waves style perfectly matched. The expertise of her stylist and her style of carrying it made it look like a match made in heaven.

Be it in a movie or in appearance, Tessa never disappoints. Her glam and style are just unmatchable. Her attempt to steal the show has always been successful, which is why everyone loves her.

We can’t wait for Tessa’s next public appearance, and it is already predicted that she willn’t stay back from stealing the show. Be it any fashion trend, Tessa does it in her way and refines the entire trend that makes it look better.

Others like to stay up to the trend, but understanding and bringing your version of it scales the game to the next level. It is unexpected, and fans love seeing her walking down the red carpet.

Final Words

If you are a true Tessa Thompsons fan, we can understand how eagerly you are waiting for her next public event appearance after the Westworld premiere. But don’t worry, she rocks it and gives her best for her fans.