The $22 Brow Pencil You Need In Your Life


If there is something we can learn from the Kardashians, it is how to groom ourselves and look our best. Kourtney Kardashian has gradually become one of the top sisters that take care of her skin with the best products. Of course, that also extends to the makeup products she uses.

Kourtney’s makeup skills have become better over time, and now they are on point. Her go-to look is the natural look that will wow your mind. Her brows are also always on point, thanks to the brow pencil she uses.

The Everyday Makeup Routine By Kourtney Kardashian

If you must know the secret behind Kourtney’s perfect brows, it is a brow pencil from Kelley Baker for $22. Kourtney uses the pencil to define her brows and fill them in to create the ideal shape. The celebrity shared her makeup secrets in a video for Vogue.

In the video, Kourtney shares her daily makeup routine with her fans. The video has sixteen million views, and the last step is the brow filling part. In that part, Kourtney uses the brow pencil to fill in her brows.

The $22 Brow Pencil From Kelley Baker

The brow pencil has two sides. One end has the pencil, and the other end is a spoolie. The spoolie allows you to brush the eyebrows and shape them in the way that you like.

The pencil allows you to fill any sparse areas in the brows and give them a fuller look. The best part is that the pencil end is a twist-up, which means you don’t need to stress about sharpening it. If you need to do your makeup while traveling or commuting, then this is the ideal brow pencil.

Why The Brow Pencil Is The Perfect Choice For Makeup

Customers who have bought the brow pencil say that this is one of the best purchases. That is because the product guarantees you have more control over the application. Such control allows you to execute the precise look you want for your brows.

The best part about the pencil is that it is ultra-thin, which means high brow definition. You can also quickly fix a mistake if you make one because the brow pencil is not too soft. That is why Kourtney Kardashian also loves this pencil and swears by it.

All the customers also claim that they have not used any other brow pencil after using this one. So, if you are looking for a great one, it doesn’t get better than this $22 brow pencil from Kelley Baker.

Final Words

That is all you must know about the $22 brow pencil that has been making rounds ever since Kourtney did a makeup video for Vogue with it. You can also watch the entire video and get more makeup products that she is using. After all, if a Kardashian is using it, it must be excellent.

You can use the products to take your makeup looks to the next level and look your best. So, purchase them today.