The Best Vegan Leather Brands Currently On The Market


A new sense of awareness of animal cruelty is leading the way for many to consider buying vegan leather and adding it to their wardrobe. Vegan leather is not only the answer to stopping animal suffering, but it also offers environmentally sound solutions. Everyone knows that raising animals for their flesh has had deadly consequences for both the planet and everyone who lives on it. Here are some of the top vegan leather brands that are not only stylish, but they also produce a product that you can feel good about buying.


Some of you may know Nanushka from their huge Instagram following. Their vegan leather is made of polyester and polyurethane. Some of you will be glad to see that they make clothing and not just handbags. The feel of their vegan leather is buttery soft, and you can’t tell the difference. Anyone who touches your Nanushka outfits won’t know the difference between real and vegan leather.

A.W.A.K.E Mode

Stella McCartney is no stranger to the world of vegan clothing. She has been in the industry for over 20 years. Now her A.W.A.K.E Mode is taken the industry by storm. She has clothes that are stylish from top to bottom. From skirts, shirts, and even bags, she’s got them all. Her Karli double-zip trousers are a must-have for any woman who wants the leather pants look, without making a single animal suffer.

Low Classic

It’s all about the soft textures and shines when it comes to Low Classic’s outfits. They are well known for their belts, jackets, and skirts. This vegan leather nails it when it comes to feeling exactly like the real thing. The vegan leather is textured to represent the grain that natural animal hide has. The greatest aspect of being a Low Classic customer is they understand what impact their actions are having. Low Classic knows how much animals suffer, and they don’t believe any animal should have to go through that to produce clothing. Their commitment to ending animal cruelty is second to none, and they’re also concerned about the environment.

Why should you choose vegan leather?

The answer to that question couldn’t be simpler. Have you ever thought about the suffering animals have to go through to produce leather? How many animals must die, so we have something to wear? The answer is, no animals have to die. Beyond the pain and suffering, the leather industry brings upon the animals; there are also the environmental concerns of producing tanned hides. Every pound of leather produced requires an untold amount of chemicals. The workers who produce the hides are exposed to the chemicals, as is the planet as well. All those unused chemicals get washed down the drain in the leather making process, and then they are set free to wreak all kinds of havoc. The right choice for many reasons is vegan leather, and the companies listed above are producing products that are so high quality; no one can tell the difference.