The Bobbsey Twins: Anna Wintour And Kim Kardashian Show New Hairstyle


Celebrities keep changing their looks, and we know how much Kim Kardashian loves a new hairstyle. Recently, she also went for short hair and created a new look. We must say that Vogue approves of the look, as it is stunning.

Kim debuted her hairstyle on Instagram with Anna Wintour. Once she stamps her approval, nothing else matters. Here is what you must know about the new look of Kim Kardashian.

Showing Off Matching Hair

On 21st June, Kim posted a selfie with Anna Wintour. Both of them had lip pouts and flashed peace signs as they showed off their matching hairstyle. Of course, the hairstyle is nothing new for Anna Wintour, as she has had this look for the past ten years now.

Kardashian posted it on her story and captioned it Bobbsey Twins. If you don’t know already, this is a reference to the children’s novels that everyone used to love. We know that Wintour’s look includes a slight bump and some bangs, but Kim had blunt ends in her bob hairstyle.

Anna Wintour And Selfies

According to a British Journalist, Wintour said that she has never taken a selfie and doesn’t plan on doing so anytime soon. This happened during the 73 Questions episode of Vogue in 2014. However, Wintour finally made an exception for Kim Kardashian, as both of them were rocking their hairstyles in the selfie.

Anna Wintour and Kim have been friends for a long time now. It all started when Kim appeared on her first Vogue cover with her ex-husband Kanye West eight years ago. In 2019, Kim also got her solo Vogue cover.

Besides that, even Anna Wintour has made an appearance on an episode of The Kardashians on Hulu. She came to check the shoot of Kim Kardashian. The selfie they took right now showed up after Kim claimed that she had not caused any damage to the Marilyn Monroe dress she wore at the Met Gala.

The Controversy Of The Met Gala Dress

Scott Fortner accused Kim Kardashian of ruining the dress that she wore to the Met Gala. However, on 16th June, Ripley’s addressed the controversy by saying that she didn’t damage the dress in any way. That is because she only wore the dress for a few minutes during the Met Gala.

We just hope that the dress is intact because Marilyn Monroe has been a worldwide icon for the longest time now. Her legacy has to be preserved in these ways so that everyone can know more about her.

Final Words

That is everything you need to know about the selfie that Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian took. Both these women are incredible friends, and we hope to see more of them soon. Kardashian is rocking the new bob look, and Wintour has always looked stunning in it.

These selfies remind us of the wholesome friendships that celebrities can also share with one another. We love to see such wholesome selfies on our Instagram feed.