The connection between Lovecraft Country’s Leti and Red?


About the Show

Lovecraft Country is a synergy between sci-fi and horror. It is one of HBO’s most interesting TV shows that are currently on air. Set in the 50s, the show is based on Matt Ruff’s novel of the same name. The show has its viewers hooked to it since August 16, 2020, when it first premiered.

In this show, Atticus Freeman (Tic), the male protagonist embarks upon a journey to find his missing father and uncover some of his ancestral secrets. Joining him on this horrific yet adventurous journey is Letitia Lewis (Leti), his high school best friend and love interest. Along with them, there is Tic’s uncle, George Freeman, who is joining Leti and Tic on this trip.

About Letitia Lewis, AKA Leti

Born and raised in Chicago, Leti’s mother abandoned her as a child. She then became a civil rights activist and a passionate photographer.

Played by “Birds of Prey” famed actress Journee Smollett, Letitia is passionate as a photographer and adventurous and daring as Tic’s counterpart on the journey filled with murder, mystery and monsters.

Letitia Lewis and the Color Red.

During season 1 of Lovecraft Country, Letitia Lewis is seen sporting red in almost every scene. The producer, Jordan Peele is known to have a connection with the symbolism of colors, and Peele has made this evident in the show.

Colors speak volumes about a person. Be it a real-life person or a person on screen, their wardrobe choices reflect who they are.

Red is a color of extremes. It denotes danger or caution. It symbolizes love and passion. It expresses violence and anger. In the past Greek mythologies have associated red with super-human strength.

In Lovecraft Country, viewers see Leti donning red one way or another. Leti’s Character and red have a deep-rooted connection.

Red symbolizes confidence and passion. Leti is passionate about capturing moments. She is ambitious and channels her ambition for civil rights advocacy through her camera.

Leti is confident and this trait of her personality is obvious very early on in the series, when she is singing and dancing in the street, being comfortable in her skin.

Leti being bold and daring never lets go of an opportunity to take a stand for herself.

Being a tough woman who has spent most of her life on the road, Leti has not lost touch with her feminine side and knows how to love. This side of her character is evident through her relationship with her half-sister Ruby.

Leti’s character reveals she has abandonment issues owing to her mother leaving her as a child. This could also be one of the reasons for Leti’s character to incorporate red in her style, to stand out. As red highlights things and makes them noticeable.

The stylist of the show, Dayna Pink, has tried to encapsulate all of Leti’s characteristics and traits by making her don red, implicitly or explicitly. Be it her tops, pants, lip colors or nails, Leti’s character is always channeling her inner passion, courage, love and confidence through her wardrobe.