The Grinch Just got a Sexy Makeover in Kylie Jenner


There are some images that you cannot unsee and business mogul Kylie Jenner is getting quite infamous for being the center of some of them.

Instagram celebrity Kylie is not new to drawing crowds to her self-portrayals. Never shy of using herself to experiment and promote her personal projects, Kylie is back with a bang with her latest upload. This time, presumably for Kylie Cosmetics’ holiday range, Kylie has styled herself as a Grinch and her take on the popular Christmas character has taken the Twitterati by storm quite literally.

Dr. Seuss’s Grinch is a popular green character notorious for stealing the Christmas spirit. Kylie too is undeniably green in her costume and makeup but she seems to be planning to steal the show this Christmas instead.

The naysayers are confused with Kylie’s choice of posture and expression. Apart from calling out on her revealing choice of wardrobe, they are filling up feeds with gifs and memes featuring Kylie’s new avatar. They are also teaming the feeds with conversations about how Kylie resembles different characters from popular iconography of the recent past.

Fashion critics are however divided in their opinions. Some of them are pretty impressed with the array of green she has displayed in her make-up, costume, and setting. The play with mood, light, and textures give Kylie’s Grinch a coolness that is enviable. Kylie sits with a poise that very few can replicate with pizzaz.

If anyone can bring Grinch, Gaga, and sexy into one frame with oomph, it is Kylie. Sparkling in a two piece green outfit with dramatic shoulder pads reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s trademark costumes, Kylie sits on what looks like a throne covered in green fur.

The crop top tailored with a deep sweetheart neckline sports a ruched look. Kylie pairs this with a diamanté wrap skirt. The thigh high slit is edgy and at the same time exactly what a Kardashian Grinch would wear. To top it, Kylie sports long green Stiletto nails that would give any nail enthusiast a run for their money. The background for it all is a velvety rich olive.

Captioning the upload, Kylie tells her followers, “can you guess the theme of my holiday collection this year 👀🎄 … reveal coming TOMORROW.”

All in all, the photograph promises an epic line of holiday cosmetics by the diva. The products are sure to be instant hits judging by the number of appreciative comments Kylie’s face and nails are generating. The photo exudes confidence and drama as the sexy mogul looks enticingly into the camera. She wears the badge of a Grinch anyone would gladly welcome into their homes this Christmas.

Whether it’s a new line for her cosmetics or just a prelude to something else, Kylie knows how to keep her followers hooked. Will this sexy avatar of the Grinch deliver success to Kylie’s new line of cosmetics? Only time will tell. The odds, for now, seem to be tipped in her favor. Her followers can’t help compliment everything green and beautiful about this look.