The Royal Family Rules – Life of Kate Middleton


Everybody wants to be a royal. While you may think that life is all glamorous when you become the Duchess of Cambridge, the truth is that she has a strict set of rules to follow at all times. Being a royal comes with great responsibility, including following all the rules laid out by Queen Elizabeth II.

While this set of protocols does come with some controversy, there is nobody to question them. All rules are made by the Queen, and everybody who is in the royal family must follow them at all times. If you thought living life as a royal duchess was easy, here is a list of royal family rules that would shock you.

1. No Signatures

Have you ever seen the royal family giving out autographs? You haven’t because they are not allowed to. While the Duchess of Cambridge loves to meet her fans and take photos, she is not allowed to give out any autographs to the public.

Even for official documents, the Duchess can only sign those documents that have already been authorized by the Queen’s orders. This strict rule is to avoid any falsification of documents on behalf of the Royal Family. To ensure that all documents signed by them are official, they cannot go around giving autographs to the public.

2. No Personal Profits

Image result for kate middleton taking a photo

Amongst the strange rules of the Royal Family that the modern world tends to counter is this one of not profiting off of their own work. For Kate Middleton, she had always enjoyed photography and is a remarkable photographer herself.

Even though she has had photos taken by her released to the public over the past few years, she is not allowed to profit from them. If she was not a royal, then she would have earned a significant amount from her professional work as a photographer. Being a Royal Family member, her photographs are only released on behalf of the Palace and she does not receive any profits herself.

3. Follow the Queen.

While it may be understandable to follow what the Queen is doing in public gatherings or always be standing behind her, royal family members must follow the Queen in all situations.

It is a royal rule to stop eating immediately if the Queen has finished having her meal. This means that Kate Middleton may have had to give up on some delicious food during the course of her reign as Duchess. This rule applies to all other aspects as well, such as being in a public gathering, speaking to the public, taking photographs, etc. If the Queen has finished doing something, royal family members must also stop immediately.

4. Say No to Mussels and Oysters

There are many health implications that are causally related to having seafood. Since the Royal Family prioritizes their health over anything else, having oysters and mussels is not allowed for any member of the family.

While we are unaware of whether or not Kate Middleton enjoys having oysters and mussels, we still think that it is a strange rule to not let members have seafood. In case she does not like having seafood anyway, then this rule would be easy to follow. But if she does, then giving up on your favorite food is quite the struggle.

5. No Bright Nail Polish

You have probably never seen a royal family member with flashy nails. In most cases, we find Kate Middleton’s nails perfectly manicured with nude colors or simply a French manicure. The reason behind this is once again the rules of the Queen. In honor of their position at the royal family, no member should have bright and flashy nails to show off in public.

This rule might be easy to follow for Kate Middleton, especially since we always see her in minimalistic color options. We have often seen her wearing two of her favorite nail colors: Soft Pink 28 Rose Lounge, and Nude 443 Allure – which are both natural toned.

6. Only Official Social Media Accounts Are Used


When you become part of the royal family, you need to say goodbye to social media forever. Since we are all aware of the implications of social media including taking pictures and messages out of context, the royal family avoids the entire scenario by having no personal social media accounts.

If you have seen royal family accounts on social media, then those are handled by communication professionals who choose every photograph and caption very carefully. No member of the royal family is allowed to have a private social media account of their own – even Meghan Markle was asked to delete hers when she became part of the royal family. The Duchess, however, has never had one.

7. Keep Affection Private

For royal family members, showing public displays of affection is forbidden. According to the Queen, showing intimacy in public is unprofessional and disrespectful – thus the entire royal family has to follow her orders of staying away from their partners.

For Kate Middleton and Prince William, this rule means to never even hold each other’s hand in public. The closest to intimacy that you would ever see them is through eye contact and smiles. They would never be seen close to each other in public since royal family affection is reserved to the Palace only.

8. Follow the Dress Code

Like everything else, there are also rules for what kind of clothes you can wear when you become part of the royal family. Before her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton was often found wearing bright colors and patterns. We would like to assume that leather boots and vibrant patterns are the personal style choice for the Duchess of Cambridge.

However, as soon as she was married into the royal family, she is no longer seen making such style choices. Her wardrobe changed entirely as she is now seen wearing neutral color clothes and below-the-knee dresses.

9. No Voting in Public Elections

The royal family has a prestige reputation to maintain in the United Kingdom. In order to play a neutral role and have no personal opinions about political affairs, the royal family is not allowed to participate in any voting set forth by the parliament. This rule implies that we may never know what Kate Middleton really thinks about the political situation in her country.

This rule is also set into place to ensure that the royal family’s influence does not affect the results of public election. If the family were to vote in favor of one person, there would be many people in the public who would follow their lead.

10. Only Modest Clothing


The royal family is not allowed to dress in any provocative clothing. This means that while you may have seen Kate Middleton in short dresses or revealing clothes in the past, you would never see her wearing such clothes whilst being a royal.

Being part of the royal family meant that Kate Middleton had to transform her entire wardrobe into more elegant dresses that were long in length and plain in color. You would never see her wearing bold patterns or flashy colored clothing. In almost all of her public appearances, you will find her wearing a long dress and hardly ever some straight pants.

11. Black is for Funerals

Black is not a color that is associated with happy events in the royal family. This is why you would rarely see Kate Middleton dressed in a black dress, except for nighttime occasions or any sort of mourning. If the royal family can anticipate a funeral in the future, they are instructed to carry a black outfit with them when traveling out of the country. This is to ensure that they are properly dressed when they land back inside the UK and make a public appearance.

This rule actually has significance for the royal family. It comes from when George VI had passed away whilst his daughter Queen Elizabeth II was on a trip to Africa. When she returned, she had no black clothes to step out of the plane.

12. Monopoly is Banned.

If you have ever played a game of monopoly with your family, you probably know why this royal family rule exists. While the game is a fun way to spend time with your loved ones, it can often result in some serious arguments within the family. To avoid such scenarios, the royal family has banned monopoly for themselves.

This strange rule was formed in 2008 when the Duke of York described Monopoly as a vicious game and instructed subordinates of the Queen to never engage in play. For Kate Middleton, this means never being able to enjoy a game of monopoly with her own children.

13. Don’t Travel on the Same Plane

Members of the royal family cannot plan for a fun family vacation where they all travel together to a foreign destination. The reason behind that is they are not allowed to travel in the same vehicles together – be it a plane, boat, or train.

This royal family rule actually does have some logical reasoning behind it. To avoid a situation where all the heirs of the throne could die in an accident, members of the royal family are simply told to take different planes or trains to wherever they are travelling. While this makes planning for a royal vacation fairly difficult, it does keep the heredity of the throne intact.

14. Make Frequent Salon Trips

When you become part of the royal family, it is important to always look remarkable. Important events could arise at any time, and they are also being photographed by the public whenever they make an appearance.

To ensure that the Duchess of Cambridge always looks good, she is expected to make frequent trips to the beauty salon. Her nails must always be clean and trimmed, and her hair should be kept in place neatly. This rule of the royal family is something that we would certainly enjoy. Reportedly, Kate Middleton goes to the salon up to 3 times per week.

15. You Can Only Be Protestant Anglican

All royal family members are supposed to follow one religion: Protestant Anglican. This means that when Kate Middleton was married to Prince Charles, she had to ensure that her religion was the one that was followed by the entire royal family through a special religious confirmation ceremony. All three of her children are also baptized into being Protestant Anglican.

This rule comes from the fact that the Monarch of Britain simultaneously serves as the supreme head of the Protestant Anglican church. That is why it is expected of all family members to follow the same religious practices in order to maintain a sense of coherence in the royals.

16. Spend Christmas Together, But Differently


Like all other special occasions during the year, Christmas is a time that is reserved for family. The same applies to the royals, as they are all instructed to spend Christmas together at Sandringham Palace in Norfolk.

However, the royal family does have different traditions to follow on Christmas. Instead of exchanging their presents on Christmas Eve like a majority of the population, members of the royal family wait until tea-time on Christmas Eve to open their presents. While it is only a difference of a few hours, tea-time holds much significance in the royal family.

17. No Tears Allowed

Controlling your emotions is a difficult task. Sometimes you could be placed in situations when letting out a tear or two is inevitable – but that does not apply to the royal family. All royal family members are expected to remain calm and sophisticated in public, regardless of the occasion. Even on funerals or weddings, you would never find a photograph of Kate Middleton with tears in her eyes. This is a rule that the royal family is extremely strict about.

While we always see Kate Middleton actively participating in humanitarian events, we have never found her becoming emotional anywhere.

18. Practice Proper Jaw Placement

Kate Middleton Photo Etiquette

Photographs are important for the royal family. They often step out in public to make important announcements or pose for official photographs that are released via the Palace. To ensure that royal family members are always looking their best, they are required to learn jaw placement. The technique that the royals follow is having their jaw parallel to the ground, which makes them appear more professional and put-together.

For Kate Middleton and most other royals, this technique had to be learnt and practiced through an etiquettes class. Through constant practice, each royal family member has perfected this technique and you would almost never see an unflattering or candid photograph of them.

19. Confidentiality About Pregnancy

The royal family is very particular about how they handle pregnancies in the Palace. While proper announcements are made when a royal couple is expecting a baby, no other information is released to the public until the birth. This means that you would never see a typical ‘gender reveal’ party being held at the Palace, especially since they have a strict rule to not reveal the sex of the baby until he or she has been born.

For Kate Middleton, this meant not giving any public statements regarding any of her pregnancies. The sex and name of their children were only revealed after they made a first appearance outside the hospital with the newborn.

20. Walk in Order

While many of the older traditions of the royal family have disappeared over time, this one hasn’t. It is a royal family rule for the wife to always walk two steps behind the husband. This is a public display of power and respect – one where the wife has to respect the various duties being performed by the husband and always allow him to walk in front.

In all of their public appearances, Kate Middleton has always walked two steps behind Prince William with their children. While many people tend to oppose this tradition, Kate Middleton tends to have no objections regarding the rule.

21. Learn the Code

There are many different codes that one must learn when they enter the royal family. In order to avoid putting themselves in awkward situations, the royal family has various cues and signals that they use to communicate certain messages to the rest of the family. For Kate Middleton, this means having to learn all the codes of the Queen and actively look out for them.

For instance, the Queen always puts her bag on the table when she wants to leave a dinner within the next five minutes. This is a code that Kate Middleton must always be on the lookout for in order to prepare herself to leave as well.

22. Only Full Names Used in the Palace

This is another one of the strange rules of the royal family. While there is no specific reason for it, the entire royal family conforms to this rule religiously and only communicates using full names in the Palace.

When Kate Middleton was married to Prince William, she gained the royal title of Duchess of Cambridge. Once this was formally announced, nobody in the Palace would refer to her as ‘Kate’ anymore. Instead, for all orders of communication, her official name would be used which is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. In our opinion, this unusual rule of the royal family only maintains a sense of formality within the Palace.

23. Wedding Bouquets Should Be Myrtle

Unfortunately for Kate Middleton, she had no say in what her wedding bouquet would look like. Ever since royal tradition was put into place, all royal brides have been following the rule of only carrying a myrtle bouquet on their wedding. The only reasoning behind the rule is that myrtle represents good luck and happiness – which is a well-wisher upon the new couple.

This royal tradition begun back when Queen Victoria was getting married and was gifted a bouquet of myrtle from her husband’s grandmother. To keep the tradition going, all new brides are given myrtle from the tree inside the Palace.

24. Royal Wedding Act of 1722

Back in 1722, the Royal Wedding Act was passed which meant that no descendant of the royal family could get married without the approval of the royal family. This meant that if Queen Elizabeth II did not approve Kate Middleton, she could have never married Prince William despite both of their willingness.

In the modern world, this sounds like a rather unusual rule. Many marriages take place without the approval of the family, but the world would certainly be very different if Kate Middleton was not approved by the Queen herself.

25. Don’t Give Statements About Politics

When she became part of the royal family, Kate Middleton had all of her voting rights taken away from her instantly. Apart from that, she is also not allowed to have any opinion about the political situation in Great Britain. This means that you would never find her making a public statement relating to political affairs, nor would she ever be able to run for office.

While journalists ask her about her stance regarding politics, she is instructed to always answer neutrally and not show any emotion. It is important for the royal family to stay disassociated with politics.

26. Dinner Parties Must Be Perfect

Dinner parties hold much significance in the royal family. Whenever a family member has to plan a dinner party, they must remain very cautious of the entire planning process. Even though they have servants to their disposal, they must always be on the lookout for any chaos and avoid carelessness at the party.

Every time Kate Middleton has to plan a dinner party, she is instructed to call the Marshal’s Office to help her arrange for it. Everything at the party must be planned out to perfection – including the order in which the guests are seated.

27. No Garlic in the Palace

Queen Elizabeth II hates garlic, and that is a fact. Since her hatred for the ingredient runs deep, no dish in Buckingham Palace can be made using garlic. Whether Kate Middleton likes, or dislikes garlic is not even taken into consideration – she is simply expected to follow the rules set forth by the Queen without question.

The good part is that Kate and other royal family members are allowed to have as much garlic as they want outside of the Palace. The ingredient is only forbidden inside – so any food that they have inside the Palace would not contain garlic.

28. Accept Gifts with a Smile

Regardless of the item they receive from the public, all royal family members are instructed to accept the gifts they are given. They should always have a smile on their face whilst accepting these gifts and thank the givers with utmost grace.

This rule can become rather difficult to follow, especially when you or your children are being given odd gifts by the public. Amongst the strangest gifts given to the royal family are a doctoral thesis presented to Prince Charles, and a CD of the band Arctic Monkeys given to Prince Andrew. Despite the awkward interaction, both of these gifts were accepted by Kate with a big smile on her face.

29. Accessories Should Be Timely

Royal family women have always been seen in impeccable hair accessories. In the daytime, they are often seen wearing formal hats when the occasion requires it. However, there is a time limit to these accessories. Hats can only be worn until 6pm in the evening after which they must switch to their royal tiaras or crowns.

Apart from being time-bound, there is also a specific way for accessories to be worn in the royal family. Whilst royal women in the past wore them in front of their heads, Kate tends to position her format hats at a 45-degree angle.

30. Maintain a Formal Reputation

Becoming a royal comes with great responsibility. Apart from always putting on their best behavior, all members of royalty are expected to maintain a formal reputation that is free of any scandals or headlines. While there is nothing that the royal family women can do to damage their reputation, they are also expected to stay one foot forward and always be seen in respectable clothing and makeup.

No women member of the royal family is seen wearing excessive makeup or bright patterns out in public. This is simply because maintaining a formal reputation for the entire royal family is a strict rule that is implemented by the Queen.

31. Cultural Knowledge is Essential

When you become part of the royal family, you are no less than a public figure who always has to make formal appearances across the globe. Royal duties include taking international trips to all destinations across the world. For the royal family, it is essential to be well-versed in various cultures and always act appropriately when visiting a certain country.

Before visiting a certain place, it is important for Kate Middleton to learn about the history, culture, and local tradition of the country. When she makes a visit, she is also expected to wear traditional clothing and try other traditional activities.

32. Let the Queen Go First

This is yet another strange rule of the royal family that every member is expected to follow. Both in Buckingham Palace and in other public appearances, members of the royal family are expected to let Queen Elizabeth always walk ahead of them.

This means that Kate Middleton can never have her back facing the Queen. Instead, she must always be behind the Queen in proper formation and no member should overstep the Queen at any time. These rules were made by Queen Elizabeth II herself, so there is no lie in assuming that she gave many benefits to herself.

33. Pregnancy Announcements

Even whilst expecting a child, there is an entire protocol to be followed by women of the royal family. This includes when to announce the pregnancy, which is usually after the first 12 weeks have successfully passed with no complications.

While Kate did follow this protocol in her other pregnancies, she experienced certain complications in the first one that led to an early announcement of her pregnancy. Since she was suffering from extreme nausea after conceiving her child, she was often missing at official events and the family had to provide a proper reason for her absence.

34. Children’s Names are Announced After Birth

Similar to how the royal family is not allowed to reveal the gender of their baby before they are born, members are also not allowed to reveal the name to the public before the official announcement. This is to preserve the privacy of the royal family and to ensure that all the official paperwork is completed before revealing the name to the general public.

After a royal baby is born, it takes a few days before the name of the child is announced. For all three of her pregnancies, Kate had to wait a few days before her children’s names were announced to the public.

35. Time to Pose After Childbirth

Public appearances and announcements are very important for the royal family. In order to keep the tradition of baby announcements alive in the royal family, there is a golden easel placed near the doors to Buckingham Palace which contains information regarding the baby’s sex and date of birth after he or she has been born. The name of the baby is not included on this sheet.

Apart from this announcement, all royal family women are expected to make a public appearance whilst leaving the hospital after childbirth. Kate was expected to look beautiful and fresh just a few hours after giving birth to her children since she was required to wave to fans out in public.

36. Teach Your Children to Behave

Like you may have already noticed from this extensive list of royal family rules, manners are particularly important for the family. There is no exception to this requirement when it comes to children. As Kate and Prince William become parents, they are expected to have their children on their best behavior at all times.

It appears, though, that the Duchess already has everything under control with her children. In all public appearances to date, all three of her children have been well-dressed and extremely mannered.

37. Maintaining a Family Tree

Almost all families in the UK have 2 or 3 children. As Prince William and Kate Middleton already have three children of their own, there are many speculations as to whether or not they would choose to have another baby. The ruling behind this for the royal family is to always lead by example.

Since there are limited resources available in the world, the royal family urges people to adhere to family planning advices. In order to lead by example, this rule would mean that there are no more royal children coming for William and Kate.

38. Sit Upright

You may have noticed that all royal women tend to sit in one specific way. They have good posture, and their knees are together and tilted to one side. While you may think that this way of being seated comes naturally when you become a royal, reports suggest that royal women undergo proper training in order to practice sitting in this way.

Since etiquettes are important for the royal family, Kate must always be seated in a way that maintains good posture and keeps her looking formal. She can never be seated with one leg crossed over the other since the Queen is highly against it.

39. Hold Your Teacups Properly

Is there a right way to hold your teacup? According to the royals, there definitely is. Drinking tea is an important tradition in the UK, and all members of the royal family are expected to drink their tea in the most elegant of ways.

While many people simply put their finger through the cavity of the teacup to hold it, the Queen does not approve of that. Instead, the teacup should be supported by your thumb and forefinger first. Then, underneath those two fingers should be the middle finger and then the little finger. Remember to keep all of your fingers close together because having spaces between the fingers whilst drinking your tea is considered unprofessional by the royals.

40. Inform the Queen First

Whenever something important happens in the royal family, the first person that needs to be informed is the Queen. Regardless of the circumstance, this rule is extremely strict and must always be followed. There is no rule regarding who must inform the Queen, but it is assumed that it should be a member of the immediate royal family who does the honors.

For example, when Prince George was born, Prince William called his mother via an encrypted phone so as to deliver the news to the Queen first and foremost. While this rule generally applies to all important happenings, it is considered most important for the birth of a royal baby.

41. Announcements to the Public

Since important announcements must be conveyed to the public from a reputable source, it is essential for royal family members to have a designated person to play this role. This rule to have a proper announcement made to the public began from medieval times when people struggled to read or write, thus would need someone to convey news to them via mouth.

Whenever a royal baby is born, the crier announces it to the public. This role is currently served by Tony Appleton who announced the birth of all three of William and Kate’s children.

42. Never Wear Revealing Dresses

Modesty is one of the main focuses of the entire royal family. They must always be seen dressed appropriately for the occasion, and never be seen wearing revealing dresses. For the royal women, this rule extends to showing cleavage in their dresses. Princess Diana was known by her iconic dressing choices, including putting her clutch towards her chest whilst stepping out of the car to avoid revealing cleavage. This made it impossible for the paparazzi to capture her wearing revealing clothing, thus never upsetting the Queen.

For Kate Middleton, this has never been a problem. She has always worn high necked dresses with appropriate coats and scarves when necessary. Even her t-shirts are modest.

43. Follow the Order of Entering the Palace

Be it Buckingham Palace or any other room that the family must enter together, they should always be in order of precedence. Since royal dinners are planned and arranged by utmost attention to detail, the seating plan at all of these parties is always according to their number in precedence.

This means that when entering a room, each member of the royal family must enter the room according to the order in which they would be taking the throne. For Kate Middleton, this means letting her children step into the room much before her.

44. Be Soft-spoken and Polite

Part of being a royal means to always be on your best behavior and follow a set of etiquettes when in public. It is essential for all members of the royal family to always remain polite, regardless of the situation. Especially whilst having a meal during an official event, royals are specifically instructed not to cause a hustle in the room.

If Kate has to leave the table for any reason, she must only say “excuse me”, and leave. Others on the table do not need to be informed whether she is headed to the restroom to relieve her bladder or to check up on her children. Those details should be kept to herself.

45. Do Not Remove Clothing or Accessories in Public

The royals are always dressed to perfection. They know how to carry long coats and even format hats that we could never be daring enough to wear. However, one thing that they always struggle with is to remain comfortable in their clothes. Many at times, one can become uncomfortable with their jacket or hat, and would want to take it off immediately.

Unfortunately for Kate Middleton, she cannot do that. Members of the royal family are not allowed to remove their jackets or coats in public, simply because it is considered to be an unladylike practice. While this rule does come from medieval traditions, it has certainly been kept alive by the new royals as well.

46. Always Do the Curtsy

Royal family members should always show their respect and love for the Queen. In ancient British tradition, respect for a senior was shown through the curtsy gesture whenever you are confronted by them. The royal family is expected to follow this tradition by bowing into a curtsy every time they face Queen Elizabeth.

The gesture is simple. Simply cross one of leg across the other, bow a little, and face towards the ground. Kate Middleton is always seen to respect the Queen by doing the curtsy.

47. Don’t Wear Wedge Heels

Another strange rule for the royals is their discrimination against wedge heels. We are not sure why the Queen hates these shoes so much, but they are surely forbidden to wear by the Queen herself. However, there are instances where Kate Middleton felt rebellious enough to wear some wedge heels on public appearances.

Since Kate has a profound love for her wedge heels, it is certainly difficult for her to get in line with this rule of the royal family. As a result, she tries to get away with wearing wedges as much as possible.

48. No Baby Shower Parties Allowed

Since royal family members already receive free gifts all the time from the public, there seems to be no need for them to hold fancy baby showers for themselves. However, since celebrities throw baby showers to publicize their baby bumps and enjoy with their families, it is becoming a new custom to have such parties.

However, Kate Middleton is strictly not allowed to have a baby shower. Queen Elizabeth has some strict rules regarding what kinds of parties can be thrown and how to behave on such occasions and playing baby games with royal family members is certainly against all of those rules.

49. Never Reveal Your Pain

Regardless of how much pain a royal family member may be in, it is a strict rule for them to never express their emotions in public. They must always appear strong, calm, and collected – despite what they are going through. Royal family members are not allowed to complain about their physical or emotional pain to the public.

For Kate Middleton, this meant staying quiet about being in pain throughout her three pregnancies. This would have been quite difficult since she reportedly experienced a significant amount of nausea during pregnancy. However, regardless of how bad her stomach would be hurting, she would never express it.

50. Having a Unique and Exquisite Dressing Sense

Being royals means that you are likely to be followed by a large number of people. When Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement back in 2010, Kate was seen wearing an iconic royal blue dress that was designed by the UK brand Issa.

As a new royal, Kate still knew to carry herself with elegance. She chose a dress that was not too revealing or too tight, but one that complimented her engagement ring perfectly.

51. Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life. Many people plan for their wedding’s year in advance, from selecting what they would wear to choosing the song that they would have their first dance on. For Kate Middleton, much of that changed when she got engaged to Prince William.

Regardless of what she might have planned for her own wedding since childhood, there are certain rules to be followed when it comes to dressing as a royal bride. Since modesty is key, Kate certainly chose a dress that had long lace sleeves and a modest neckline yet still made her look absolutely stunning.

52. Know How to Take on Royal Duties.

When Kate was married into the royal family, she was simply an ordinary college girl who knew little about how life would be like as a royal. However, just one year later in 2012, she was named amongst the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Times magazine due to her unmatched elegance and remarkable world presence.

For Kate, she always knew how to abide by the rule of knowing how to follow her royal duties with utmost grace. That is why she quickly became a popular and appreciated public figure that most commoners resonated with.

53. Don’t Steal the Spotlight

While Kate was a popular public figure by being both dutiful and dignified, she was still always reluctant to steal the spotlight away from her husband. Despite the number of charities that she worked with in order to enhance the image of the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge still stood behind her husband in every public appearance and treated him with respect and care.

The Duchess was able to provide assistance to her husband in all spheres of royal duty instead of stealing the spotlight – which is exactly what the Queen expected of her.

54. Taking Some Time Off After Childbirth

Childbirth can be an overwhelming experience for most new parents. In order to avoid showing any fuss in the public, it is advised that the royal family members take some time off from public appearances immediately after childbirth.

Kate Middleton was able to follow this rule perfectly as she spent a quiet summer with her newborn baby in 2013 before eventually making a return to the public eye. Even when she was just a new mom, Kate still knew how to carry herself elegantly so as to portray that she is a royal.

55. Going About Your Business

Royal family members have many duties to fulfill. Whether that’s travelling across the world and being well-versed with various cultures or carrying out business duties for the family and participating in charity events – the royals must do it all.

Kate Middleton was able to take on all of these responsibilities again in 2014 despite only recently becoming a mother in 2013. In this picture, she is seen wearing one of her most fashionable red dresses as she elegantly conducts all of the duties assigned to her as a royal family member. Paired with a black clutch and black heels, Kate’s style is definitely unmatched.

56. Attend Charity Events

It is very important for the royal family members to make appearances in charity events and play their part in making society better for other people. Even when she was pregnant with her second child, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton was seen fulfilling her duties of attending charity events because it is simply a rule set forth by the Queen herself.

Even whilst pregnant, there is a certain protocol to be followed by royal women. In this photo, Kate Middleton is seen wearing a sheer polka-dotted blouse with a knee-length skirt. Despite showing her baby bump, the Duchess still looks elegant.

57. Follow the Motto of ‘Less is More.’

The royal family likes to be minimalistic. All of their dinner parties are not nearly as extravagant as those of high-end celebrities, and that is only due to their rule of believing that less is more. When it comes to clothing choices, Kate Middleton is able to abide by this rule perfectly.

While she is never seen in any tacky attires such as leopard prints or different shapes on a dress, she is seen in minimalistic outfits that are unique yet appealing to the eye. As a royal, she did have to alter her personal style to some extent, but she is still able to make all of her dresses look extremely polished and luxurious.

58. Dressing After Childbirth

While many people do not seem to care about how they look when they step out of the maternity ward, things tend to be very different for the royal family women. Especially when you are the Duchess of Cambridge, it is essential for you to look your best even when you have just given birth.

The Queen has certain rules as to how the first public appearance with a new royal baby must go. The parents should be dressed in formal and appropriate attire, with none of their clothing looking sluggish. It is important to have a little makeup on for the new mother and have her hair neatly done.

59. Having a Style of Your Own

For Kate Middleton, style was never a problem. Even after giving birth to her second child, Princess Charlotte, in 2015, the Duchess was back to making public appearances in impeccable outfits later that year. Since official events such as the arrival of a foreign President in Britain are important to attend, it is also essential for the royals to have a unique style statement of their own.

As you would always find the Queen in her iconic coat and hat duo, you are likely to find the Duchess of Cambridge in knee-length dresses with a high neckline.

60. Dressing Appropriately for Events

The royal family has a wide range of events to attend. From official duties to charity events to sports, there are many places where the royal family is required to make a public appearance. For Kate Middleton, this means to always be looking her best.

This red dress of hers is from Wimbledon 2016, where she knew exactly how to dress appropriately for the event. All of Kate’s fashion choices are known to be so iconic that the dresses she wears tend to sell out in minutes. You could call this the ‘duchess effect’, or simply the fact that Kate Middleton truly knows how to set forward an example for modest and elegant fashion.