The Surprising Kardashian And Jenner Beauty Secrets


The world-famous reality stars of the Kardashian and Jenner families are spilling their beans when it comes to their beauty routines. Anyone who thinks these gals don’t get dolled up before going outside hasn’t looked at them recently. Makeup is as important to either of the Kardashian and Jenner broods as a camera is to them. None of them go anywhere without a camera filming them or makeup on their face.

Confidence is key when applying makeup

The one surprising thing behind the makeup routines of both Kardashian and Jenner women is the importance of feeling confident. Makeup for them is about so much more than looking good; it’s about having confidence in yourself. It says a lot about a woman when she makes herself look as good as any of these women and she has the strength to go out there in public and live the lives that any of them do. No one would say that any of the Kardashian and Jenner women are wilting flowers and a reason for their confidence is the makeup they put on every day.

To pluck or to pull?

We’re talking about eyebrows here. There doesn’t seem to be any consensus on whether plucking or waxing is the best method of thinning your eyebrows. It could also be said that there isn’t any consistency when it comes to having actual eyebrows. Some like to have the hair above their eyes while others prefer to draw them on. It goes to show that sisters can vary wildly, and the proof of that can be seen in their eyebrows.

Lip color and styles are up for debate also

Wearing lipstick isn’t up for debate, and all the women love to boost their thick full luscious lips with plenty of color. The use of a pencil is one of the things that seems to be debatable. The use of pencils to create a fuller, more retro look is key to several of the women’s looks. However, it seems that this comes and goes since they can’t seem to get a grasp on what they like at their core. So, lip color is a must; pencils are also but can be a fad.

To bake or not to bake?

That’s the question. Baking is a must for a few of the Kardashian and Jenner clan, but for others, they seem to have other thoughts on the subject. All of them look like they’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the sun, and there might not be a need for them to bake. Let’s be honest and say that the California sun makes them look fabulous. There isn’t much need, if any, for anyone of these girls to do any baking.

Their secrets are not secret anymore

Both Kardashian and Jenner have found creative ways to make money off of makeup. Why would they keep their makeup routine secret? There’s no good reason why any of them would. The truth is, they want you to know what they’re doing. Why? There’s plenty of incentive for you to go out and buy their products. If there’s money to be made, Kardashian and Jenner will find a way to put it in their pocket.