The Top 50 Most Memorable and Funny Vacation Moments


Do you ever look back on your vacations and remember the amazing moments that you experienced? We all have certain memories that stand out from our trips – whether it’s a funny story, a beautiful sight, or an exciting adventure. In this blog post, we will count down the 50 most memorable vacation moments of all time! These experiences are some of the most unforgettable vacation moments captured on camera and these people are going to remember these moments for years to come. So what makes these moments so special? Keep reading to find out!

What a Sight

This is what you would call a perfect photograph. A beautiful girl with a sexy bikini and a perfect beach body along with the beautiful and natural backdrop are all ingredients for an amazing photograph. This photo can seriously go on a holiday card. It feels like this girl just came back up after enjoying a good dive in the water. With water clear as that who wouldn’t want to dive in. We just hope the water wasn’t that cold and obviously not infected by sharks. The girl hasn’t taken off the breathing apparatus so she might be going in the water again anytime soon.

What Is Even Happening Here

There are so many thing wrong with this picture. The girl is literally riding that man like a horse. The guy has some weird horse costume on but to be honest that costume seems more like something out of a the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey. We are not sure if other people at the beach would understand this couple’s sense of humor. They will surely be scared of them. The girls might remember this photo for many years but we are sure that this is one photo the guy will like to forget in the years to come.

Finding Treasure

We have to give credit to this woman for being creative. She dug a hole at the beach and then placed the camera inside. And it seem to us that she is standing upside down over the hole. It may seem like a difficult task but all of this has resulted in her having a great Instagram worthy photo. It’s a beautiful and sexy photo with a beautiful lady and perfect background. Everyone should take notes from this woman on how to take beach photos from now on. We are sure that next time we are at the beach we are definitely going to try something like this.

Can I Buy You a Drink

It looks like this dog is having a great time at the bar. We don’t know if it’s just the camera angle or the owners of this dog actually sat him in this position but it looks really funny and classy at the same time. It seriously looks like this dog is a player. The drink adds to the comic value of this picture. Hey, no one said that holidays are only for humans, animals can also enjoy and have a good time and that is what this dog seems to be doing.

Acrobats at the Beach

If we knew this is what acrobats do at the beach we would visit the beach more often and join them. This seems like a unique yet fun way to enjoy your time at the beach. It is very clear that this girl excels at balancing on her body on her hands and doesn’t care about what other people would think about her. We can only assume that the onlookers would have been amazed by her actions. She has the perfect beach body and it seems like she works out as well. So it does not come as a surprise that she can balance herself like this.

Try It at Your Own Risk

A reveler dances with a police officer as another police officer reacts during the Notting Hill Carnival in London, Monday, Aug. 27, 2012. Europe’s biggest street festival will reach its climax today with hundreds of thousands of revelers and brightly-dressed performers flocking to the capital for the headline day of Notting Hill Carnival. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Before we explain this picture it is very important for us to say that “please don’t try this; EVER!” These cops seem to have a sense of humor but not all cops will be as lenient as these two. Once you start twerking right next to a cop there are high chances that you would be arrested. We think that this girl might have communicated to the cops what she was about to do before the picture was taken. She has created a moment that she can talk about with friends for many years to come.

Let’s Hit the Waves

This picture looks like it was taken out of a Baywatch trailer. With flawless skin and perfect beach body like that it wouldn’t surprise us if she was actually from Baywatch. This surfer is getting ready to hit the waves. May be there is a big wave coming their way and she doesn’t want to let this chance go away. Whatever the reason, this moment was captured and ended up being a poster worthy photo. We can only hope that her surfing skills are also as awesome as this picture.

Let’s Sunbathe Together

We are sure this wasn’t a planned friend’s activity. From the look of it; it seems that the sea lion was having an amazing sunbathe when this woman tried to become his friend by joining the sunbathe session. There is such a good symmetry in their positions. The way both of them are lying down on the sand with their heads turned on one side is just uncanny. This was definitely a start of a new friendship and we hope that both of them went out for some drinks after the sunbathing was over.

That Monkey Knows What’s Up

That is one of the most beautiful bikinis we have ever seen but we are sure that monkey is not looking at the beautiful bra but what’s behind them. Not to be sexist but that is definitely a male monkey. The lady in the photograph is really beautiful and her unique design of bikini is also adding to beauty to the picture but it’s the addition of the monkey on the shoulder that is taking the spotlight. And she seems to be really comfortable with it. How many people can actually say that they made friends with a monkey on their first meet?

The Out of Focus Backflip

What is the focus of this photograph? Is it the guy doing an adventurous backflip in the clear blue water or is it the woman sitting on top of the hill. We can surely tell you that different people would focus on different aspect of this photograph. Other than the two human beings in the photo we can’t help but praise the backdrop. The water seems to be flawless. It looks like a private pool that is cleaned everyday but it isn’t actually a private pool. The little greenery in the back also adds to the aesthetics of this photograph.

The Ideal Figure

Have you ever seen a more perfect beach body? This photograph seems to be a candid one rather than posed. The girl herself is trying to take a photograph from her mobile phone. She is sitting down on her toes while her heels are up. This is to save her from the hot beach sand. Then she is wearing a black bikini with a blue bra; amazing combination of colors. Not to mention her flawless skin and her absolutely gorgeous hair. We wouldn’t be shocked if this girl was a model visiting the beach for a professional shoot.

When a Sea Lion Is Luckier Than You

Sometimes vacation photos can get very weird and this one seems to be one of them. Most people probably think that this is funny but some might think it’s just plain wrong. It is very clear that this girl has a special connection with this sea lion or maybe she is a zoologist who is good with all animals and marine life; we are not sure about that. However it is clear that this sea lion is luckier than many men out there. The girl seems pretty comfortable doing it so maybe she is the sea lion’s trainer. But whatever the reason we are sure this photo made many people jealous.

The Camel Will Remember This Summer

It feels like all the camels are lined up to kiss her. It just doesn’t feel right. We don’t understand what is going on here exactly but it seems like it’s not a private photo session but a professional one. It feels more like a desert than a beach and with camels in the picture, there is a high chance that it was taken in a desert. Whatever it is, it’s a great photo. The setting is really good, the backdrop is dropped, the girl is wearing a beautiful dress, and it’s all perfect.

The Ostrich Is Onboard With This

We thought we could only see such a thing in cartoons but here we are. This guy is actually riding an ostrich. There is even a saddle with support so the guy doesn’t fall of. However it’s all fun and games because the ostrich seems to be on board with this. They are both making the same face and we are glad the photographer was there to take a snap of this photo. The guy definitely seems proud of this moment and we are sure he would have a frame of this picture at his office.

The World Famous Titanic Pose

Anyone who has ever been on a ship or a cruise knows that there is a temptation to recreate the titanic pose with your other half. But what to do if you are travelling alone. Rose needed Jack for that iconic pose but you don’t need Jack to complete your titanic pose. Even though this girl is facing the wrong way we would still consider this one a titanic pose as she is standing at the front of the boat and we assume that this is what she was trying to accomplish. No matter what, she did it really well. We are in love with this photograph as well.

Upside Down

This woman was showing her backflip skills at the beach but one of her friends decided to snap this photograph. What’s unique about this photograph is that it captures the girl in midair in the middle of the backflip. She is completely upside down and you can see the other woman standing on the side feeling proud of her friend’s acrobats. We just hope the girl didn’t get injured while back flipping. No matter what she would’ve become the most popular girl at the beach that day. With skills like that where she can do a backflip in a bikini, we can only assume how good she might be at bikini rock climbing.

Bikini Rock Climbing

As the name suggests bikini rock climbing is climbing rocks while you are wearing bikinis and enjoying a great time. It is usually done on hills around beach areas. In this photograph there are three girls trying to climb rocks but it feels like the girl who is already climbing loves the adventure whereas the girls at the bottom see more concerned about her falling down. Or they may be waiting for her to reach the top so that they can also follow her up. No matter what, it seems like a very fun activity.

Shark Attack

That seems to be the prop shark from the movie JAWS but still it feels like a bad idea to do this. What if the shark’s mouth closes? It could end up hurting the girl. We just hope this girl knows what she is doing. She looks really sexy in that bikini so may be the shark thought that he has a chance. But nonetheless, it sure ended up giving her a great photograph that she can frame and put it on a shelf. It would be a great conversation piece.

He Is Going TO Regret This

There are so many things that can go wrong here and we are not just saying for the girl but for the guy as well. It seems like the guy is in the air with the help of a small air balloon or a parachute but what he is trying to do is going to land hot waters. He is pulling the string off that girl’s bra. We hope that they know each other otherwise this would have been lawsuit waiting to happen. Whatever the case, this guy seems to be hanging in a very odd position and if he falls after pulling the string then we can’t even imagine what the girl will do to him.

Bad Doggy

Always be wary of your surrounding especially at the beach. And no I am not just talking about people stealing your good but I am also talking about events like in the photo above. This couple seems to be enjoying a very romantic afternoon or maybe they were just posing for this photograph. Whatever they were doing was ruined by this dog. Who didn’t just photo-bomb their romantic picture but did so in the world way possible. For people who don’t have dogs and don’t realize what the picture is about, the dog is about to relieve itself on the couple.

Building a Skyscraper

We don’t exactly know what these girls are trying to accomplish here but it looks like they are trying to create a high building like the ones in the background. Summertime is a time of fun and enjoyment and people usually head to the beach to enjoy themselves with their friends and family. And this is the time when people have fun like there is no tomorrow. We can only assume that this was one of those moments where these girls were just having fun and living the best time of their lives. We just hope the girl in the bottom can still breathe.

Give My Glasses Back

Well, we don’t personally recommend having animals that close to your face even if they aren’t wild animals. There are so many cases of pets getting aggressive however this monkey seems to be very friendly and in a good mood and it looks like he is enjoying whatever is happening in this photo. However, he may have overstepped his welcome by taking that girl’s sunglasses. You can see from the photograph that the girl is in shock; she was definitely not expecting that. It is definitely a story worth telling your friends and families. We just hope the monkey returned those shades without damaging them.

Can You Surf Like This

There is no denying that this girl has got amazing skills and she is flexible enough to bridge on a surf board in the middle of the water. It may only be our speculation but we think that this photo had to be taken from another angle. May be from another angle it seems like she has built a bridge between two small rock formations in the background. Nevertheless this is a great photo and with skills like this we can only imagine what other photos she might have taken on that surfboard. This photo may well be the highlight of her holiday.

Elephant Spray

Talk about having the best time of your life. Well this woman and the elephant seem to be having a great time. This what all friendly elephants like to do? When you try to get on their truck they bring you on top and if there is water around then you can be rest assured that they are going to shower you with that water through their trunk multiple times. This is just the elephant trying to be friendly with you so you don’t have to feel bad about the water showers. It seems like this girl knows that it’s all fun and games that is why she is laughing and having a holiday moment that is worth of a great story.

That’s Not How You Take a Photo with Eiffel Tower

When it comes to holiday shenanigans this is another great vacation photo. However, that is not how you take a photo with the Eiffel tower. Maybe this girl was traveling alone or with other friends. If she was traveling with a love interest then this was the perfect moment to kiss underneath the Eiffel Tower and make an eternal memory. That photograph could have gone into your living room where everyone could see how romantic you and your partner are. But to talk about this photo, it seems like the tongue perfectly fits with the line of the Eiffel Tower, so the camera person did great work with this picture.

One for the Instagram

This picture may not be something that you would show your grandkids down the line but it is a masterpiece. The picture looks nothing short of a beverage commercial. If I could recreate one photo with my partner it would be this one. Action, romance, beautiful background, splashing water, this photo has everything. We don’t know if it was actually planned or not but it does look like a choreographed photo. Or may be its just a couple who is having the time of their lives on a summer holiday. We just hope the guy wasn’t injured doing that stunt.

Leg Drop from the Top

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This seriously seems like a move a daredevil wrestler would do from the top of the cage while their opponent lays flat on the floor. We don’t know what this guy was thinking before he jumped but we hope that the girl doesn’t swim right under him because this might injure the girl who in-turn will definitely injure the guy. In addition the water doesn’t see that deep and the guy’s dive is unorthodox to say the least so we don’t know how bad he would land in the water.

You Are On My Property

The water seems really clean and beautiful however the turtle doesn’t look that pleased with the photographer. You would imagine a turtle living in such clean waters would be happier. However the way the turtle is looking at the camera man, it is clear that he isn’t happy with the trespassing. He wants the camera man to leave as soon as possible. He seems to be communicating something harsh through his left limb as well. We hope the photographer took this turtles threat seriously and left its home as soon as possible.

That’s a Unique Way to Dive

These are the photos that we expect from people enjoying on a holiday. This is the perfect holiday photo that has that teenage vibe to it. Even though this couple looks older than teenage but they are enjoying their holiday like there is no tomorrow. We just hope the guy didn’t break his back with another human being on top of them while they dive down in the water. It seems that the girl is also preparing to dive so it would have been to good see what happens the second after this photograph was taken.

When the Grim Reaper Is Your Lifeguard

It’s always fun to take holiday and vacation photos, but it’s even more fun when you can add a bit of creativity to them. This beach photo is a great example of that. The lifeguard is dressed up as the Grim Reaper, which definitely adds a bit of excitement to the scene! But some people might take it in bad taste. We understand that the life guard has a sense of humor but it’s better to not dress up as a grim reaper when you job is to save people from dying. To be honest we don’t actually know if this is the life guard or just a visitor sitting on the lifeguard chair.

Petting Your Shark

If you have ever asked your parents to keep a pet then your parents might have told you that it’s a big responsibility. You have to feed them, pet them and keep them happy. However we are sure that this girls parents would disapprove of her new pet. Well it’s not exactly her pet but the way this girl feels comfortable around that shark it feels like they have developed a friendship with each other. We don’t know what this girl is trying to accomplish here but it looks like she is trying to pet the shark with that net.

Beach Pong

If you have ever been to a teen party then you know that beer pong is one of the most fun activities that happens at such events. However you can also enjoy a game of beer pong at the beach. You can call it beach pong. And if you are wondering that you need a table to play it; well the above picture shows that you would be wrong. All you need to do is turn the beach sand into a big table for your pong game. And considering that small children can make castles out of beach sand, making a flat table wouldn’t be that difficult.

That Is Not How I Wanted My Holiday to Go

This guy was enjoying a great session of water gliding when this shark decided that he had had enough of people trespassing in his waters. We can’t really tell from the photograph but it seems like the guy is trying to pace up but it all depends on the person dragging him. So we hope that they sped up as well and saved this guy from a very imminent shark attack. The shark seems to be hungry and aggressive but we can also see that the guy is somewhat confident so maybe he has faced similar issues before.

Tarzan Is That You

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This kid can be the modern day Mowgli or Tarzan or any other character who used to be friendly with animals and animals used to be friendly with him. We wouldn’t recommend having a monkey so close to the kid but it seems like they are on good terms and the monkey is not aggressive. The monkey with his dad bod seems to be having a great time at the beach as well. It is a great photo and one of the reasons for that is that both the monkey and the bird waited and gave a pose to the camera.

When the GPS Tells You to Turn Right

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We’ve all been there. You’re driving to a new destination, following the instructions of your GPS, when all of a sudden it tells you to make a weird turn or go down a sketchy looking road. And more often than not, we blindly trust Google Maps and do as it says. But what happens when Google Maps leads you astray? Well, if you’re lucky, nothing more than arriving at your destination a little later than expected. But if you’re unlucky, you might end up in a river like this driver. However we are not exactly sure if Google Maps is to be blamed here, because we are sure the driver could see the water body ahead of him several yards away.

It’s Raining Vomit

It is always bad when moments that can be the best moments of your life turn out to be bad because of things shown in the above picture. When this woman though about gliding in the air she might have thought about how adventurous this is going to be. What she might not have anticipated was her stomach not agreeing with the adventure. The guy’s expression says it all. He is not liking this at all but we feel sorry for the people who might be enjoying in their boat who are going to experience their very first vomit rain.

Impatient Sea Lion

Talk about wrong timing. This guy was taking a photo with his beautiful catch when this sea lion thought it would be a great idea to not just photo bomb the picture but to also take a bite out of the fish which we are sure the fisherman was hoping to eat later with his friends and family. We don’t know if the sea lion dragged the fish away but the guy is very lucky that the camera man was able to take a shot while this was happening. At least he has something to show to his fishermen buddies or better he can frame this photo and hang it at his house and it would become a great conversation piece.

He Took Relaxing At the Beach to a Whole New Level

A group of people on a beach

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Think about the most relaxed and chilled person in your friends group and then compare them to the guy in this picture. We are sure this guy would win every time. He took relaxing at the beach to a whole new level. We don’t know if this guy arranged the couch to be there at the beach but this guy is definitely putting it to good use. So who ever brought this couch to the beach definitely got the title of coolest guy ever and we would love to hang out with that guy.

Headless Beach Dweller

If we had to give an award for creativity this photo would be a top candidate. This hilarious beach photo features a man with his entire body buried in the sand except for his head, and his friend with his head buried and the remaining body out of the sand. It makes it seem like it is a single person with his head cut off. Surprisingly this is one of the funniest beach photos we have ever seen. It’s all fun and games until an unknowing bystander sees this and faints. Unless of course, the bystander has a sick sense of humor like us!

Hoping That the Sharks Understand English

The idea seems more comic than creative. If only Sharks could understand English, this surfer would be safe from their attack. We understand that this is just a surfboard owned by someone with a great sense of humor. From the looks of it the surfer obviously loves his life and he also doesn’t want his favorite surf board destroyed as well. For all we know he is doing the sharks a favor by telling them to not eat something that would give them a stomachache. Well may be the surfer should enroll all the sharks in a foreign language course as well.

These Guys Aren’t Scared Of Heights

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If this photo isn’t photo shopped then my first question would be how these people got there. It seems like a difficult climb and something that I would never like to try. It may definitely be the highlight of their vacation and this photo may be a great conversation starter amongst their friends and family but I would never like to try this. It seems very risky and the guy on the left seem to be standing on the edge. Not to mention the steepness of the hill. One small mistake and both of them would fall. We only hope they were able to get down easily.


A person jumping off a cliff

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Some people might say that this is photo shopped and frankly speaking we can’t authenticate this photograph as well. However if this photo isn’t fake then we have to give mad props to this gentleman for being a daredevil. There are many people who add such activities in their workout routine. They have a certain mental or physical fitness goal that they want to achieve with such activities. It seems that this guy is quite confident with what he is doing. However we would never want to be anywhere even close to that hill top.

The Real G.O.A.T Surfer

The actual GOAT of the surfing world and in this case we don’t mean the greatest of all time we actually mean goat. We feel that this is the analogy this guy had in mind when he took his goat on a surfing session. But we have to give credit to both of them for doing a great job. The guy is holding the goat but the goat is also balancing itself on the surfboard so we have to give it the credit as well. This is one for the Instagram and it will definitely be a popular photo. We can just feel the likes and comments coming on this guy’s profile.

Don’t Eat Her Gulliver

A person lying on the beach holding a fish

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We all read Gulliver’s Travels when we were young. It was a very unique concept for its time and it seems that this guy was definitely a fan of the book. This couple thought it would be a funny idea to create this photo while they were enjoying at the beach and we have to give credit to them for being spot on with everything. It feel like the guy is going to swallow the girl whole. But obviously it is just an amazing camera trick. We are sure they tried several times and then posted the one that came out good. It had to take some trial and error method to get the photo so right.

Taking Sun blockers To a Whole New Level

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That’s not a sombrero that’s a Super Sombrero. What to do if you forgot your sunblock at home? Well, not to worry you can always take out your big beach hat like this boy did. The hat seems to be bigger than the kid himself. So we don’t know if the kid is wearing it for a functional purpose or for comic value but whatever he is trying to do he is succeeding. The hat is funny and as so it happens, it also blocks the sun rays. Not to mention the attention that he might be getting from everyone at the beach.

Screaming Llama

That backdrop alone is enough for us to include this picture in the list. It is a beautiful sight and makes for a perfect photo. However what’s happening in the front is also worth talking about. This Llama clearly didn’t like it when the photographer tried to take a snap. In the photo it can be clearly seen that the Llama has left out a large orgle which scared the girl nearby. It may seem like the girl and the llama are just screaming for the photo but the girl is actually terrified and she let out a scream because of that.

Sexy Rock

We don’t know where people get these ideas from but they are hilarious. Someone at the beach took the time out of their fun holiday schedule to gather rocks in a very unique type of formation. That person stacked up the rocks to make it look like it’s a human being with some very big features enjoying at the beach. We are sure everyone at the beach thought that this was funny because we sure think that this is creative and funny. We hope that no one destroyed this after some time. It should be kept there so other people can also enjoy this creativity.

The Cookie Monster

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The cookie monster has finally retired. It seems to us that it is actually a fishing net or may be the fishing net caught it in the ocean. In any case, it is a great find. The way it’s placed on the boat makes it look like the cookie monster is sad. For the newer generation who aren’t familiar with the sesame street they might not know what they are looking at but people who were born in the 1980s or 1990s knew to stop and take a photo. Sometimes your trips abroad can bring you to such moments.

We Feel Sorry For the Car Owners

When you are going out on a safari, you don’t think about an elephant crushing your car. Many people who plan for safaris tell their family members to stay in the car at all times as there might be wild animals out there who might hurt them. However this is one case where I would’ve left the car and run far away. We just hope everyone left the car before this happened as we wouldn’t want anyone getting crushed. However the front of the car doesn’t seem to be damaged so there are chances that it was the driver who deliberately tried to drive his small car from under the elephant.

The King of Sharks

With water as clear as that how can you not feel scared with all the sharks underneath. Well if you are this guy who thinks he is the king of shark you don’t get scared of some sharks waiting for your one bad move. This guy seems to be enjoying in shark infested waters but we only hope that he thought this through because even if he doesn’t do anything the sharks can still turn his small inflated boat over and that is not going to end well for the person. So we can only assume that the guy came to his senses and left the water as soon as possible.