What Hair Trends Are Leading Us In 2021?


Our hair is a great way to make a statement.  It is a key feature in our appearance and how we wear it can say a lot about us.  Most of us strive to choose a hair color that fits our personality.  Something that is unique to us and makes a statement on the kind of person that we are is what we want.  When we are picking a new style, there are often several trending colors to chose from.  Here is what we are seeing in 2021

Hair Colors

Cotton Candy Pink

With…all of the events in 2020, many of us have found that salons have closed their doors and we are responsible for maintaining our hair, and that includes a new color if we want it.  Semi-permanent cotton candy pink is a huge change for many, but in an ever-changing world, it might be the way to go for some. 

Celebrities like Ariel Winter are enjoying this new look.  The allure of the fact that the dye washes out eventually is attracting many people.  To make this look last longer, try shampooing your hairless, and use cold water to rinse!

Silvery white

Another trend that the fall of salons has given us in embracing your natural greys.  Grey hair is associated with getting old, but it really can happen at any age.  The lack of salons means that hair is going gray, and it is harder to color back in.  So instead, many are going for a silver look that is timeless and elegant.  Embracing yourself and your body has been a rising trend so why shouldn’t it include hair?  Adding gloss for hair flow, and highlights for color are some ideas recommended by professionals to keep your hair looking smooth.

Jet Black

Simple.  Easy.  Fun.  Jet black has been around for a while, and it probably is not going anywhere anytime soon.  The way it is done means fewer salon visits, and it is easy to maintain no matter what your natural color is.  As a bonus, you can touch up at home if you cannot make it in before the next shut down

Icy Blonde

Icy blonde is the opposite of jet black and it is harder to maintain but that will not matter to many people who find themselves with more time on their hands.  During winter, this look is often more popular as it looks great with the snowy surroundings.

Golden Blonde

Yet another blonde shade, golden blonde is another favorite this time of year.  It is light to go with the season, but it has a warmer hue and looks perfect for a picture next to the fireplace.

Stylists suggest being selective with your hair cleansing products for this color, as they could strip your hair easily.

Rich Copper

Rich copper has become more popular thanks to the ease of making it work.  A coloring conditioner can be used to achieve this look at home when there are no salons.  This means access to a product that does not damage hair.  Maintenance on this color will not be too big either depending on your natural color.

So, which color are you most interested in?