What helps Kendall Jenner find peace during such a busy life?


As one of the most high-profile people in the world, Kendall Jenner brings in fans from all over the world. Yet despite her friendly personality and the fact she is among the most discussed people in the world, Jenner has a habit of creating controversy in her career. Often, it’s an indirect response to something she has said, or done, or even insinuated. Many times, though, the controversies are storms in a teacup blown up to media-friendly proportions to fill column inches. Despite the success, it must be exhausting!

Despite her massive growth into one of the most enterprising people of her generation, Jenner has had to come through her fair share of dramas and mistakes in her life so far. Indeed, she’s become a bit of a media sensation, with her every utterance and opinion turned into a column somewhere in the world. It’s only natural, then, that someone like this creates some kind of controversy from time to time in her career. You don’t get anywhere near the top by being mild and nice, and Jenner has made it clear that despite her bubbly personality, she isn’t afraid to get aggressive in a bid to make her dreams come true.

And, really, are the rest of us any different? Would you let anything get in the way of helping you meet your dreams and realize your ambitions?

Pulling back from the limelight

One thing to note about Jenner, though, is that despite being among the most high profile (and well-paid) models in the world, she has cut back on the sheer scale of modeling work that she does. Indeed, today she’s quite commonly seen enjoying riding at her stables as opposed to taking part in a full, months-long fashion expose. She’s become someone who you see less, but when she is seen it is often at a major event or something pretty important.

Having always been on the go and busy to an intense period, Jenner has had more than a few flare-ups in her career. Moments where it would have been better to perhaps take some time off, spend some time with her beloved horses, and not be so in the public profile. However, this is the duality of her ambition – someone who wants to achieve great things whilst also being willing to go the extra mile to make them happen. Even people with such limitless energy, though, can begin to hit a brick wall eventually.

It’s also a big reason why she has fallen strongly into the art of Transcendental Meditation; now, she has an outlet that allows her to take the confusion and the drama in her life and simply blot it all out. Through a combination of horses and meditation, one of the most in-demand and high-profile people in the world might just have found her solution to escaping the madness of her life.

Success often comes with a cost – but even people like Jenner need to find a touch of relaxation. Through a blend of loving animals and mental calmness, she’s found her ability to stay calm and collected.