Who Knew Sarah Jessica Parker is The Designer Brains Behind Faux Footwear label ‘And Just Like That’


One of everyone’s favorite actresses at a time, Sarah Jessica Parker still remains our favorite due to her style and performances throughout her career. The saddest part is that with time female artists try to reduce their appearance but we would still like to see her rock on big screens.

Sarah has been working on other projects and now has been revealed as the secret designer of the label ‘And Just Like That’. The footwear branding has been done perfectly and not many people knew about their secret designer until now.

Why did Sarah Jessica Parker Did Not Reveal Her Role in The Brand At First?

Sarah Parker always had a wish to open her brand or be an important part of a brand. However, what made her reveal her identity is the accusations she had to face. Positive things come at a cost and many people would’ve accused her of exploiting the footwear market.

Therefore, she choose to be an important part of it And Just Like That and was their secret designer for heels for a bit and other footwear products. Sarah Jessica Parker worked hard to keep this all a secret but in the end, the truth came out.

How Sarah Jessica Parker has Helped the Footwear Label?

Sarah Jessica Parker has played one of the founding roles of the footwear label. However, she doesn’t want any credit for that and this is why she kept it a secret.

Sarah has contributed a lot to the brand and is the secret designer of their entire heels collection. No one can understand the fashion trend of women better than her. She knew what the girls wanted and gave them what they needed.

The Collection Of Sarah Jessica Parkers As the Designer

The brand is launching its new collection of heels and it features Sarah as the designer. Nowadays, with social media, nothing can remain hidden and before the launch of the collection, everyone knew who the designer of this collection is.

However, knowing that the designer is her is even better. For such a long time people have seen Sarah’s performance on the big screen. Now everyone will get a chance to see how good she is at designing footwear. 

This collection is very close to Sarah as it helped her to work on herself and improve her skills. Working on this collection helped Sarah see how beautiful it could be by making something for someone that would bring a smile to their face.

She has really worked well in creating such wonderful designs and bring out perfect combinations of colors. Make sure to check the collection out and support Sarah with her new venture.

Final Words

Now you know Sarah Jessica Parker is the main brain behind their new collection. It would be available in the market from March and has created a good hype among ladies. All ladies want to get their hands on these heels and products.