Why Heidi Klum Unsubscribed From Hulu’s Victoria’s Secret Documentaries


It’s hard to consider Victoria’s Secret without also considering Heidi Klum. Why did she decline to participate in the Hulu documentary series on the business? Here is Heidi’s justification.

It is not possible to take Heidi Klum’s wings away.

The fashion model, who rose to fame in the middle of the 2000s by working with Victoria’s Secret, described why she refused to get involved in the Hulu docuseries Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, which exposed allegations of rampant sexual misconduct within the firm.

In August, Klum stated on the Just For Variety podcast, “They asked me whether I wanted to be part of it. I responded, “If you’re seeking a bad narrative, you’re climbing the wrong trees since I had a much more beautiful time there.”

Not at all, Heidi clarified. She tried her best.

“I find it mind-blowing when I hear all these stories that accuse various people of various offenses because I immediately wonder, “My god, did this happen?” I’m not sure, “Regarding seeing the pilot episode, Klum stated. “I thus waited constantly for further information, but it never arrived. I thus never watched it again.”

Heidi said, “I didn’t know who any of those folks were,” noting that she didn’t identify the described scenario or the faces.

As the first German supermodel to receive her Victoria’s Secret wings in 1998, Klum remained with the brand through 2001, calling it “the happiest moment ever.”

The three-part docuseries, which Matt Tyrnauer directed, was made available in July.

At the time, Tyrnauer told our news correspondent, “This seemed to be part of the story of a massive culture shift in that world, where top-down fashion. Influential magazine editors and designers were beginning to disappear from the fashion industry, maybe for good, and social media was beginning to control what was important.” There appeared to be a tale to look at as these models resisted the brand, virtually biting the hand that fed them.

The relationship between former Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, was also covered in Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons.

According to Victoria’s Secret spokeswoman who talked to the NYT in 2019, “Mr. Epstein acted as Mr. Wexner’s money manager for a time that ended about 12 years ago,” but “we do not think he was ever hired by or served as an authorized representative of the firm.”