Why We Did Not See Jennifer Lopez At The Grammy Awards 2021


The Grammy Awards looked different this year because of the pandemic. Many celebrities did not show up to the awards this time and among them was Jennifer Lopez. Her fans were expecting a usual glamorous appearance from her but they were disappointed to find out she did not come. 

Here is everything you need to know about why we did not get to see the beautiful Jennifer Lopez this year at the Grammy Awards. 

Why Jennifer Lopez Did Not Make It 

Lopez is currently not in the country right now. She is in the Dominican Republic where she is filming a new movie known as Shotgun Wedding. Other stars of the movie include Lenny Kravitz and Josh Duhamel. 

Jennifer Lopez has been on the island for a few weeks now as she is filming. She even celebrated the birthday of her twins, Max and Emme on the island as that is where she is residing at the moment. Even Alex Rodriguez gave her a short visit and posted pictures on social media of their small reunion at the island.  

Grammy Awards 2021 Nomination 

It has been a while since Lopez has released a studio album. Her last album came out seven years ago, and ever since then, we have not seen much from the star in terms of her music. That is why she was not up for a nomination at the Grammy Awards 2021. 

Lopez collaborated with Maluma, Lonely, and Pa Ti in 2020, but that does not make her eligible for a nomination when it comes to the Grammy Awards. Of course, we don’t think it matters to the superstar because she is shooting a film and having the time of her life at the Caribbean Island. 

The Shotgun Wedding

Lopez has recently been sharing everything about filming and relaxing at the island on her social media. In one of her Instagram posts, she is casually relaxing in her hotel room in a white robe. She is fully glammed, working from her laptop, relaxing in her bed, and we can see her signature water bottle next to her. 

We just wish we looked this glamorous while relaxing and lounging in bed. After all, who would want to come to the Grammy Awards when they are doing what they love already. We are loving all the shots she is posting from her filming and we can’t wait to see more. 

Final Words 

That was your complete guide to why we did not see Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards this year. She was not eligible for a nomination, she was not up for any performances, and she is in the Dominican Republic for the filming of her latest movie. 

We can’t wait to see how the Shotgun Wedding turns out to be as we are expecting something great for Jennifer Lopez. She is a great singer, actor, performer, and she has won our hearts entirely. We were sad that she did not make it to the Grammy’s but we can’t wait to see the movie.